About Giannis D

The Giannis D is one of several ships in the ship graveyard on the northern side of Abu Nuhas in the Straits of Gubal. It is one of the most dangerous places for shipping in the Red Sea, in the region of Hurghada, Egypt.
A 99.5-meter long cargo ship, the Giannis D was built in 1969 by the Kuryshima Dock Company in Imabari, Japan. She had two cargo sections in front of the deckhouse on the stern; a wheelhouse; rooms for the crew with workshops; and engineering rooms under the main deck. The ship was powered by a 6-cylinder diesel engine.
The ship was originally called the Shoyo Maru, but in 1975 she was sold and renamed "Markus". In 1980, she was sold again. Dumarc Shipping and Trading Corporation, the new owner, renamed the vessel "Giannis D".
The Giannis D began her final run in Rijeka, Yugoslavia, in April of 1983. The vessel was to deliver coniferous wood to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) and Al Hudaydah (Yemen), and passed through the Suez Canal. On April 19, she reached the Strait of Gubal, a narrow shipping route that leads to the Red Sea. In the open sea, the captain delegated control of the ship to one of the junior rank officers and went to the cabin to rest. Soon the ship ran aground on the north-western part of the Abu Nuhas Reef. The ship was written off as unfit for further operation. It stood at the top of the reef for several weeks, before it was crushed and fell to the foot of the reef during a storm.
Today the Giannis D lies not far from the reef at a depth of 27 m. The ship fell into three parts. The ship's bow is severely crumpled and lies about 10 m away. The ship's middle and hold lay in a pile of metal with the remains of the cargo. The stern is the most well-preserved part, and it is possible to get inside it. You can get inside the deckhouse through the wheelhouse, and into the engine room by going down the ladder.
The sunken ship has become home to many underwater inhabitants. During the dive, you will be accompanied by black scorpionfish, marine angelfish, crocodilefish, red-lipped batfish, fusiliers, and sometimes large humphead wrasses. The scattered parts of the hull and remains of wood are used as shelter by moray eels. You can see bluespotted ribbontail rays hiding in the sand nearby. Sea anemones have made themselves at home in the wrecks, and you can find Allard's clownfish swimming among them.

Additional info

Diving Types Wreck
Depth 27 m max
Salinity Marine
Access Boat
Bottom Type Artifical Reef / Wreck / Ruins
Visibility 20 m avg, 30 m max

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GPS location 27.5771, 33.9230

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