About 宋氏波鱼

Additional info

Salinity Freshwater
Length 10.5 cm
Red List Crit. Endangered
Threat to Human Harmless

Known names

Local names
China 宋氏波魚, 宋氏波鱼
Red List Status

This fish is recorded from the lowland Mae Khlong basin near Ratchaburi in central Thailand. It was considered (but not formally assessed for the IUCN Red List) as Extinct in the Wild for several years as a result of habitat loss and degradation, and fishing, but individuals appear occasionally in shipments of other small fishes for the aquarium trade in Germany and Japan.It appears that the species is still present in the wild within its previous range, but the location of the specimens found in the aquarium trade is not currently known. The species is assessed as Critically Endangered based on its previous population decline of more than 90%.Further research is needed to confirm the source of remaining specimens from the wild and should benefit from conservation effort to protect habitat and prevent further exploitation.

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