About Short-tooth cardinal

The short-tooth cardinal (Ostorhinchus apogonoides) inhabits the tropical seas at a depth of 3 to 60 m. It inhabits rocky cliffs and coastal reefs. It can be found in pairs and small groups. The short-tooth cardinal is nocturnal, therefore it seeking shelter during the day. It feeds on zooplankton, crustaceans and invertebrates.
This fish is colored red-grey on the back and a yellowish on the belly. It has a dark stripe with bright blue edges runung through the eyes and across the gill bone. Blue spots are scattered on the sides. The tip of the first dorsal fin is black. Juveniles are pale with short blue lines on the snout. The body is ovoid, slightly compressed in the abdominal part. On a big head, there is a blunt snout, big eyes, and a slanting, wide mouth. The edge of the preoperculum is notched. There are two dorsal fins, the anal fin is opposite the second dorsal fin, the caudal fin is forked.

Additional info

Salinity Marine
Depth From 3 to 60 meters
Length 10 cm
Red List Not Evaluated
Threat to Human Harmless

Known names


Apogon apogonides, Apogon apogonoides, Apogon enigmaticus, Apogonichthyoides enigmaticus, Cheilodipterus apogonides, Cheilodipterus apogonoides, Cheilodipterus apogonoïdes, Ostorhinchus apogonides, Ostorhynchus apogonides

Local names
Australia Goldbelly cardinalfish, Plain cardinal, Plain cardinalfish

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