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Red List Vulnerable
Threat to Human Harmless

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China 岬魮
Red List Status

This once widespread and abundant species suffered major declines in population size and distribution range between 1940 and 1970 following the introduction of Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus dolomieu) into the Olifants-Doring River System (ODRS) in the 1940s. The current population is, however, still likely to be suffering a continued slow decline (reduction in the number of mature individuals, habitat quality and reduction in area of occupancy (AOO)) as a result of range expansions of invasive alien fishes. The extent of occurrence (EOO) is approximately 7872 km2 and the AOO is approximately 120 km2 and it is known from 15 locations, consisting of eight locations in the Olifants catchment area and seven in the Doring catchment area. Because the number of locations exceeds 10, the species cannot be listed as threatened, but qualifies as Near Threatened B1b(ii,iii,v)+2b(ii,iii,v). This species should be monitored to detect deterioration in its status.

Clanwilliam yellowfish