About Narrow-lined puffer

The narrow-lined puffer (Arothron manilensis) is a benthopelagic fish species of the Tetraodontidae family. It lives at a depth of 2 to 20 m in warm water. It is found in tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans.
This fish has a rather peculiar body shape. It's round and has no scales. The main body color is cream, greyish with brown lateral bands that merge into a peculiar geometric pattern. All fins are yellowish and transparent. The caudal fin's coloring is similar to the body and has a dark line. There is a black oval spot at the base of the pectoral fin.
This species has neither pelvic fin nor lateral line. Thedorsal and anal fins are small and symmetrical. The snout is short, with two pairs of nostrils. The puffer has four teeth and a strong beak-like mouth. The mouth is useful to break shells of molluscs, crabs and echinoderms, to gnaw round corals and nibble on rocks overgrown with seaweed. The body is spiky. This species is found in river mouths, among reefs and in lagoons. Juveniles prefer mangroves. In the case of danger, the puffer can gulp water into a special intestinal compartment and grow 2 or 3 times bigger.

Additional info

Salinity Marine, Brackish
Depth From 2 to 20 meters
Length 31 cm
Red List Least concern
Threat to Human Harmless

Known names


Arothron manillensis, Dibolomycter longicaudus, Dibolomyctère longicauda, Dilobomycter longicauda, Dilobomycter longicaudus, Tetrodon virgatus

Local names
China 線紋叉鼻魨, 线纹叉鼻鲀, 菲律宾叉鼻鲀

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