About Epaulette surgeonfish

The epaulette surgeonfish (Acanthurus nigricauda) lives in the tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans. It is found in clear lagoons and marine reefs around isolated coral atolls. Unlike other surgeonfish, prefers places with a sandy bottom. It settles at a depth of 1-30 m. It prefers warm water: the temperature range is between +25 and +29 °C. The fish's body is large, oval, squeezed from the sides. It is colored smooth brown. The edge of the dorsal fin is yellow. Fins on the underside have black or purple shade. The caudal fin is brown, light yellow or white at base. It has a crescent shape. There is a black stripe behind the gills. The juveniles do not have it. It feeds on plant foods. Fish is aggressive to other surgeonfishes. The species is solitary. May occur in groups.

Additional info

Salinity Marine, Brackish
Depth From 1 to 30 meters
Length 40 cm
Red List Least concern
Threat to Human Poisonous

Known names


Acanthurus nigricaudus

Local names
Australia Blackstreak surgeonfish

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