About Tie Dye Arch

Tie Dye Arch is a dive site located about 4 km off the Poor Knights Islands in the Pacific Ocean and 15 km off the north-eastern coast of New Zealand.
There are several arches here. The entrance at the southern side is a single and the tallest arch, but on the northern side, the rock splits into two. The sunlight passing through the surface creates an unforgettable atmosphere, and you can take some of the most beautiful underwater photos in your diving history.
The name of the site refers to the 1970s: at that time, it was fashionable not only to wear bright accessories but also to dye grey machine-made clothes. Here you will see colourful sponges at the bottom and on the walls of the arch: from orange to bright green.
Inside, you will come across schools of sea bass and lionfish, eels, moray eels, herds of seahorses, and a variety of nudibranchs. Large marine inhabitants also swim in here, scuba divers have encountered elegant stingrays and friendly earless seals. Mackerel, tuna, marlin, and even mako sharks sometimes pass by the entrance.
Diving depths here range from 5 to 20 m. You cannot ascend while you are inside the grotto, so a Cavern Diver certification is required, this site is not suitable for beginners. Currents here can be strong, but there are stones at the bottom that you can grab onto.
Visibility is excellent, especially in winter, reaching up to 30 m. You can dive all year round, but keep in mind that the water temperature remains low, between 13-20°C. Therefore, you might need a dry suit, especially in summer.
The easiest way to get here is by boat from Auckland, where a large airport is located. In this case, you can choose either a one-day trip or a cruise to several picturesque sites situated nearby.

Additional info

Diving Types Drift, Cave / Cavern
Depth 20 m avg, 20 m max
Salinity Marine
Access Boat
Bottom Type Rock / Stone
Visibility 20 m avg, 30 m max

Tie Dye Arch on map

GPS location -35.5489, 174.7249

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