About Lama Shoals

Lama Shoals is a dive site located in Kimbe Bay, about 2 km from the coast of Garove Island in Papua New Guinea. This spot is situated in the Coral Triangle, and the National Geographic Society has included on the list of the world's most beautiful coral reefs, therefore, diving here will not leave anyone indifferent.
There is a very interesting topography here: a large coral seamount resembling the outline of a llama rises to about 40-5 m above the surface. It is covered with sea fans, stony and soft coral, including rare black coral, sea anemones, barrel sponges, and mysterious invertebrates — hydroids.
In these gardens, you will see sea turtles, moray eels, pipefish, seahorses, clownfish, colorful mandarinfish, and an incredible diversity of nudibranchs.
As you move further away from the seamount, you will encounter larger species. They are attracted here by currents bringing food and by cleaning stations where they can have dead skin nibbled off. Schools of tuna, barracudas, amberjacks and trevally swim past, stingrays float across the sea, while hammerhead sharks and silvertip sharks seek out prey. If you are lucky, you will encounter pilot whales, orcas, and even sperm whales.
This site is recommended for experienced divers due to strong currents and a large maximum depth. Diving is comfortable all year round, visibility reaches up to 35 m, and the water temperature remains at 26-28 °C. The amount of precipitation is almost the same during all 12 months, but the high season is from May to November.
You can easily get here by boat from the city of Port Moresby. You will have to round the mainland. And keep in mind that scientists have discovered 413 species of stony coral and over 900 species of fish in this area, and the Lama Shoals seamount is recognized by divers worldwide as one of the best dives.

Additional info

Diving Types Night, Deep, Drift
Depth 20 m avg, 40 m max
Salinity Marine
Access Boat
Bottom Type Coral Reef / Aquarium
Visibility 20 m avg, 35 m max

Lama Shoals on map

GPS location -4.6589, 149.5561