About Charlie Brown Wreck

Charles Brown Wreck is known as the biggest wreck in the Caribbean Sea. This 100-meter long cable ship was built in 1954 in Naples, Italy. Until 1984 the ship was known as CS Salernum and was used for telecommunication cable routing under water. Later, it was sold to Transoceanic Cableship CO and renamed after Charles Brown. The ship specialized in the maintenance of ships till 2002. Then she was purchased by Sint Eustatius Island for a symbolic price of $1 to turn the ship into an artificial reef.
Almost all islanders took part in the preparation of the ship for sinking operation, and on July 25, 2003, in 17:42 Charles Brown reached the bottom of the sea, its final destination. It lies on the side in the sand, 29 m off the south-western coastline of the island, and during the dive, there is a spectacular view. It is a magnificent scene: you can see the whole ship, from snout to stern. The depth is 15 to 30 meters. And if you want to get inside the ship itself, you need to have an advanced certification, but the hull is available even for beginning divers.
Most settings are preserved on board the ship, there are many entrances and exits, almost all portholes are open. The current is strong here; it brings shoals of caranx swimming above the wreck. You can hide from the current inside. Barracudas inhabit cabins and bilges. The best place to enter the ship is "the highway", a 36-meter passage going through the deck-house. You can see Caribbean reef sharks and bull sharks, marine angelfish, and turtles nearby the wreck.
Diving in the Netherlands Antilles is possible all year round. The weather is warm and comfortable most time of the year with the minimum difference of temperatures between the seasons. The water temperature ranges between +23 and +29 °C. You will need short or long 3-mm thick wetsuits for diving. The visibility is 28–30 m.

Additional info

Diving Types Fun, Wreck, Night
Depth 23 m avg, 31 m max
Salinity Marine
Access Boat
Bottom Type Artifical Reef / Wreck / Ruins
Visibility 30 m max

Charlie Brown Wreck on map

GPS location 17.4639, -63.0000

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