Xiao Liu Qiu's Scuba Diving

Xiao Liu Qiu is a coral island with an area of 7 sq. km, located near the coast of Gaoxiong in the southwest of Taiwan. It borders the Taiwan Strait in the west and the South China Sea in the south. There are a lot of rock formations and strange caves, the most famous one is called the Flower Vase. It is a 9-meter rock of corals and limestone shaped like a vase. The underwater world of the island is famous for giant green sea turtles, cuttlefish, reef sharks, stingrays, moray eels and sperm whales. The diversity of sea dwellers and colourful coral reefs attract divers and snorkellers from all over the world.

Getting There

In order to reach Xiao Liu Qiu Island, you should buy a ticket to Bangkok, Peking, Istanbul or Hong Kong. Then fly to Taibei. After that take a train or bus to Donggang. A speed ferry goes from Donggang to Xiao Liu Qiu Island. The trip will take about 30 minutes.


Xiao Liu Qui has a tropical monsoon climate. The weather in summer is hot and humid, the air temperature reaches +32 °С. The wet season lasts from April to October, August is the rainiest month. The water temperature is the same throughout the year — between +25 and +29 °С. The winter season is comfortable here, the air temperature is around +14 to +20 °С, the humidity level is low. Typhoons are frequent in August and September.

Dive into
Xiao Liu Qiu