Whitsundays's Scuba Diving

Whitsundays consists of 74 islands off the coast of Queensland and forms a part of the Great Barrier Reef. This region is one of the most popular places for diving in Australia.
Diving enthusiasts will be amazed by the diversity of marine life and the impressive coral formations. Certified divers can experience the excitement during night dives and observe nocturnal fish. The reef has the maximum depth of 75 meters and has huge rocky walls. In shallow areas you can admire marvelous coral reefs. Here you will see a huge variety of colourful fish including cod and parrotfish. You will be able to see stingrays at a depth of 20 m.

Getting There

There are two airports on the Whitsundays on Hamilton island and Proserpine. Only local airlines land at the airports. Ferries depart from Hamilton. Their route lies almost through the whole archipelago. You cannot get here by boat from the shore of Queensland as there is a belt of coral reefs with 4 meter waves.


The weather on the archipelago makes it able to dive all year round, but the best season for diving lasts from the middle of August till December. In summer it is relatively hot, and the air warms up to +30 °C. In winter the temperature decreases to +23 °С. The wet season lasts from January to March. The water temperature is 25 °C all year round.

Dive Spots near Whitsundays

Luncheon Bay Hook is a picturesque coral reef with an abundance of stony and soft corals. Marine angelfish, barracudas, starfish, groupers, cod, and many other species of fish can be found here.
Hardy reef is a dive site with splendid macro life. The diversity of molluscs is astounding. You will see blue, black, transparent, spotted, striped slugs and also others which have a variety of unbelievable colours and patterns.