West Hawk Lake's Scuba Diving

West Hawk Lake is located in southeastern Manitoba in western Canada. It is well-known thanks to the three following features. First, this is the province's deepest lake (max depth is 115 meters). Second, it formed out of a meteorite crater. Third, it is a part of the Canadian Shelf formed in ancient times. The lake's shore is partly surrounded by granite cliffs. Another part has beaches with hotels and camp sites.
Scarce but interesting underwater flora and fauna, as well as impressive granite walls and boulders await divers here. Sunshine coming through the water paints the surrounding landscape in a bizarre green colour. There haven't been any shipwrecks here, so local divers have installed various everyday constructions on the bottom.

Getting There

West Hawk Lake is located in southeastern Manitoba, 165 km from Winnipeg International Airport on the Trans Canada Highway 1. You can get here with an tour group or diving expedition, by car or taxi.


West Hawk Lake is characterized by a seasonal continental climate with frosty winters and warm summers. There are a lot of sunny days here. In winter, the average air temperature is- 13 °C and in summer it is +26 °C. The diving season is short — from June to August. A neoprene wetsuit 7.5-mm-thick or a dry suit is a must-have for divers here. The water temperature fluctuates, and there is a thermocline where it's as cold as +5 °C.

Dive into
West Hawk Lake