Tobago's Scuba Diving

Tobago is a small island surrounded by the waters of the Caribbean Sea to the northeast of the island of Trinidad in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Discovered by Christopher Columbus, it was later conquered by the Spaniards and other peoples. This place has preserved its amazingly picturesque nature. The unique marine conservation area of Buccoo Reef is situated on Tobago. It is a real paradise for divers. The underwater landscape is made up of reefs, walls, and canyons. There is an old car ferry lying at the bottom, which has become home to large fish. The richness of marine fauna is mind-blowing. Here you will see pristine reefs covered with stony, soft and brain corals. The local waters are saturated with vibrant and deep colours.

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The climate on Tobago is suitable for diving all year — except for during the rainy season (July to December). A huge advantage of the island is the fact that it lays outside the hurricane belt. The most comfortable time for diving is from January to May when the air temperature is +28-30 °C, and the water warms up to +26-28 °C.

Dive Spots near Tobago

On Tobago, there are many interesting dive spots. The most popular dive sites are: Diver’s Thirst — which has an abundance of sharks; Keleston Drain — with large brain corals; The Sisters — with its grottos; and Mt. Irvine Wall. Lying 15 to 30 m deep, the MV Maverick — a huge ferry — is a famous wreck.