Ticao Island's Scuba Diving

Ticao is one of three major islands in the Province of Masbate in the Phillipines. It is washed by the pass of the same name and the Masbate Pass. These quiet and seldom visited places attract divers from all over the world with their white beaches, reefs, clear emerald waters and rich underwater nature. They are considered to be the diving Mecca of the Philippines. For example, a lot of divers visit the Takdogan Reef at the Manta Bowl dive site from February to July so they can observe manta rays — the largest rays in the world. That's why the island is called the Manta Ray Capital. Hotel-based diving and group diving are also practised here.

Getting There

The nearest airports to Ticao are in Legaspi and Masbate. The trip from Legaspi Airport is easier but takes longer. From the airport terminal, you should go to Pilar by bus or car, which will take around 1-1.5 hours. From Pilar, you should then take a ferry to Montreal — that trip will take another 2 hours. Once there, you can hire a boat and get to the island in about 20 minutes. The hotels on the island provide transfers from Legaspi or Masbate.


The climate of Ticao island is hot and humid, without any distinguished seasons. It is relatively dry here from November to April and there are typhoons from May to April. The peak season is in August. The average air temperature is between +27 and +30 °C, and the water warms up to +27 °C.

Dive into
Ticao Island