Thaa Atoll's Scuba Diving

Thaa Atoll, or Kolhumadulu, is an administrative division of the Maldivian Republic and one of the least explored corners of the Maldives. It includes 66 islands, local people inhabit 13 of them. The equatorial waters of the Indian Ocean wash against its shores. Due to the lack of civilization, the deep water world of these places is pristine.
Diving safaris, which allow you to dive in distant and hard to reach places, are becoming popular here. Over several days you will see the main dive sites. We recommend that you explore the underwater rocks and caves and master underwater photography.

Getting There

Thaa Atoll is the southernmost one in the Maldives Archipelago. It 220 km away from Male. The only way to get here is by seaplane. The flight will take 1 hour.


Due to the tropical climate, it is always warm summer here, but it is not hot. The average air temperature is +28 ˚С and the water warms up to +26 ˚С. The rainy season lasts from May to October, the rains are usually short and fall at night. The weather from November to February is sunny and calm, which is typical of the high season.

Dive into
Thaa Atoll