Tetiaroa's Scuba Diving

Tetiaroa is a coral atoll located in the archipelago of French Polynesia. It includes 13 islets (motu), which surround the lagoon. The atoll has a total area of 6 sq. km.
The inner waters attract divers by the possibility of taking a look at living corals, which cover the lagoon with untouched underwater flora and fauna. The bottom is distinguished by an unusually beautiful landscape and attracts explorers-oceanographers. The most popular places are canyons, coral gardens and "aquariums", sites with an abundance of tropical fish and other inhabitants. On the outer side of the islands, you will have an opportunity to go drift diving, enjoying an unreal feeling of flight and freedom. Large marine animals can be found here: sharks, dolphins, rays, and whales.

Getting There

There is an airport on Tetiaroa, however, its for local flights only. The nearest international airport is on Tahiti. You need to fly from Tahiti to Tikehau, and then go toTetiaroa.


Tetiaroa is located in the zone of tropical marine climate, mild but humid. The wet season begins in January and ends in March. There are north-east dry winds from May to June, and in July they are replaced by south-east trade winds. The water temperature doesn't go below +26 °C during the year, therefore here, the diving season never stops.

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