Sulug Island's Scuba Diving

Sulug is a small uninhabited island surrounded by the South China Sea. It is situated in western Sabah, Malaysia. The island is part of the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. And is characterized by its snow-white sandy beaches and crystal-clear sea waters. People actively engage here in diving and snorkelling. The picturesque pristine reefs teeming with wildlife are Sulug's main landmark. You will witness how sea turtles lay eggs. One of the disadvantages of the island is the seasonal inflow of tourists, who leave behind huge heaps of garbage on the beach. But it won't ruin the mood, as on the island you will have the fantastic experience of diving into the beauty of the underwater world.

Getting There

You can reach Sulug Island from the Jesselton Point Ferry terminal in the city of Kota Kinabalu. But the best way is via booking a boat or dive tour.


The climate on Sulug creates perfect conditions for diving all year round — except for the season of torrential rain (October-November). The most comfortable time is from November to March — though you should bear in mind the northeastern monsoon. The average air temperature reaches +23-29 °С, while the water is at +21-26 °С. January is the coldest month; May is the hottest.

Dive Spots near Sulug Island

The main dive spots of Sulug are picturesque pristine reefs which are 20-30 meters down. There are plenty of unique and interesting dive sites here. Abundant in sea life, Keramat reef and the coral reefs of Tyre are the most popular spots.