South Male Atoll's Scuba Diving

South Male Atoll is a group of 30 islands washed by the Indian Ocean. Vaadhoo Channel divides it from North Male. Divers from all over the world come here to complete incredible dives to the depths of the channel. The underwater landscape is represented by large reefs, caves, and peaks. This place is popular among wreck divers, because there is a submerged ship covered with soft coral and molluscs. Lagoons are perfect for snorkelling. There are 2 reserve areas: Embudhoo Kandu and Guraidhoo Kandu where you can get acquainted with underwater wildlife. Migrating manta rays are found here in the autumn.

Getting There

South Male Atoll is located 7 km from Male International Airport. There are several ways to get to there. You may use speed or traditional boats, motorboats or ferries. The fastest way is by speedboats. If you are not in a hurry, enjoy the picturesque views from a traditional "dhoni".

Dive Shops in


The climate on South Male allows you to dive all year round, except for the short-term rainy season in May. The comfortable months are January, February and March, when daytime temperatures vary between +30 and +32 °C and water temperature is about +28 or +29 °C. The driest month is February (the air temperature is +30 °C, the water temperature is +28 °C).

Dive Spots near South Male Atoll

Channels and wrecks are the main dive spots on South Male Atoll. The most popular dive sites are Guraidhoo Kandu South with their channels and walls, and Vadhoo Caves. On of the most famous sites is Kandooma Thila with its underwater show. There is the Kuda Giri wreck lying 15 to 30 meters deep.