Sapi Island's Scuba Diving

Sapi Island is a small tropical island in the state of Sabah in Malaysia. It is situated near Gaya Island. Sapi is the largest of the three islands of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. It is bordered by the South China Sea. Divers and snorkelers from all over the world are attracted by the snow-white beaches, crystal clear water, diverse coral gardens and thousands of tropical fish of wonderful shapes and colours. In the coastal waters, you get to see a lot of different underwater inhabitants, which include, reef sharks, huge stingrays and shoals of barracudas. Sometimes, you can meet microscopic larvae of jelly fish which can sting.

Getting There

You have to fly to the airport in the capital of the state, Kota Kinabalu, in order to get to Sapi Island. At the center of the city, you will find a port where you can rent a boat or speedboat to the island. The journey will take a maximum of 15 minutes.


Sapi island's climate is humid tropical. The air temperature does not vary significantly throughout the year. Heavy rains are caused by monsoons which come from November to March and from May to September. On average, the temperature on the island ranges between +26 °C to +28 °C. The best season for diving, however, is spring.

Dive Spots near Sapi Island

Clement Reef is an awesome place for divers at a depth of 8-23 meters. Here, you can see soft coral gardens, among which fusiliers, clownfish, parrotfish, and tuna swim.
Another interesting diving site is Ron Reef. In this place, you get to see large stingrays, lionfish, scorpionfish, and nudibranchs.