Rhodes's Scuba Diving

Rhodes is the largest of the 12 islands which constitute the Dodecanese archipelago. It is situated to the northeast of Crete and the southeast of Athens. For tourists and divers, Rhodes is one of the most recognizable Greek islands.
Scuba divers are attracted by various underwater landscapes with caves, walls, and wrecks. It is possible to dive from the shore — as well as from a boat when choosing a remote offshore location. Furthermore, the local infrastructure is quite developed: local centres provide services for divers of any level of training. There are lots of ancient artifacts at the bottom of the sea near Rhodes. Thanks to picturesque landscapes, corals, colourful sponges, and fish, you will be able to take amazingly beautiful pictures!

Dive Shops in


Rhodes has a hot Mediterranean climate — therefore diving is possible all year round. But the diving high season runs from April to October. The rainy season lasts from November to February. The average air temperature is +14-27 °C, meanwhile, the water temperature ranges between +16 and 25 °С. The average visibility is 20 meters.

Dive Spots near Rhodes

Kalithea Springs is a dive site in a small harbour. Numerous caves with cracks, rock formations, and ledges offer an unforgettable diving experience.
The cargo ship the Giannoula K sank in 1981. It is 110 m in length and its mast reaches the surface of the water. You can swim inside the ship to explore the cabins and engine room.