Raa Atoll's Scuba Diving

Raa Atoll is an administrative unit in the north of Maldives. It includes Alifushi island and natural North Maalosmadula atoll. Raa includes 88 islands, and only 15 are inhabited. The equatorial waters of the Indian Ocean wash against its shores.
Raa has a dive site that is considered an underwater gem. Lots of pink corals create various mind-blowing landscapes by clinging to vertical walls. The dive begins in a sandy area where the reef gently descends to the cliff located at a depth of 18 m and then falls down. In these places, you can observe the plentiful marine life as well as a high concentration of soft corals.

Getting There

Raa Atoll is about 150 kilometres away from the International Male City Airport. The fastest and most comfortable way to get there is by seaplane. The journey will take only 45 minutes.


The territory of Raa Atoll is located in the tropical climate zone, due to which it is hot and quite humid all year round. The average air temperature is +28-30 ˚C. but such heat is softened by light sea breezes. The water warms up to +28-29 ˚C. The weather becomes windy in the period from June to August.

Dive into
Raa Atoll