Quarteira's Scuba Diving

Quarteira is a luxurious resort city in Portugal, which used to be a small settlement. It is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. The main attraction of the resort is the endless sandy beach where you can enjoy your relaxing holiday. While describing this place, tourists always mention clean beaches and unlimited diving opportunities.
Quarteira offers dives for scuba divers regardless of their training level. Diving options include reef and wall diving, exploring underwater caves inhabited by sea dwellers, wreck diving and exploring sunken ships. There are interesting underwater walls and reefs, so you can go cave diving. Due to clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the visibility is fantastic even at a great depth.

Getting There

Quarteira is located in the centre of Algrave region, 20 km away from Faro International Airport. You can reach Quarteira by taxi or rented car in 20 minutes. If you want to save money, choose a bus. In this case, the trip will take 1 hour.

Dive Shops in


The climate in Quarteira is close to moderate. Diving is possible all year round as long as you wear a wetsuit. The average air temperature is +28 °C in summer and +11 °C in winter. The average water temperatures in summer and in winter are +23 °C and +15 °C correspondingly. The visibility is 8 m. Currents are weak and moderate.