Pulau Weh's Scuba Diving

Pulau Weh Island, also known as Weh, or Pulo Weh, is a small volcanic island in Indonesia. It is located to the northwest of Sumatra and used to be a part of it, but was separated as a result of volcanic eruption. Pulau is washed by the Andaman Sea, which borders the Indian Ocean here. The island is often ignored, however, it is worth visiting in order to see the great variety of marine life, including its rare representatives. The best place for diving is Gapang Beach. You must visit Batee Tokong dive site, which is famous for its beautiful underwater world. The main features of this site are a significant diving depth and strong currents.

Getting There

Pulau Weh Island is located only 15 km away from the coast. When you arrive to Banda Aceh, take a speed boat — it will take you to the island in 45 minutes, or an ordinary boat — the trip will take about 2 hours.

Dive Shops in


The climate on the island is equatorial, so there are no seasonal temperature fluctuations. The air warms up to +27 ˚С on average. Northeast winds bring coolness from December to March. They change direction in April, and it becomes warmer. It rains in autumn.

Dive Spots near Pulau Weh

Sophie Rickmers is a 134-meter-long ship that wrecked in 1940. Now it is home to moray eels, giant rockfish and marine angelfish. Another interesting place is a canyon with a diving depth of 20 to 35 meters. You can reach this place by boat.