Pondicherry's Scuba Diving

Pondicherry (or Puduсherry) is the main city of the Indian province with the same name, located on its coast on the Bay of Bengal. Tourists will be interested in the monuments of ancient Indian culture, which the city is rich in. The sea is warm here, however, there are no good beaches.
Divers will enjoy reefs and rich coral gardens teaming with underwater life. These places only recently opened up to diving — therefore giving you the chance to be among the first to visit them. The underwater landscape is formed of walls, ravines, and other rocky formations. Apart from diving, Pondicherry offers another extreme attraction: jumping off a cliff with scuba diving equipment into the sea, where a trampoline is located.

Getting There

The nearest international airport to Pondicherry is in Chennai, 150 km away. You can get to the resort by rail or road. Pondicherry does have an airport, but it only accommodates local flights from Bangalore and other big cities.

Dive Shops in


The climate in Pondicherry is tropical and humid. Summer lasts from April to May and is characterized by the average temperature of +36 °C. From July to September, the period of high humidity and thunderstorms begins. Monsoons last from the middle of October to December. This is the wettest time of the year here. The water temperature varies from +25 to +32 °C. January through to May is considered to be the best time for diving here.

Dive Spots near Pondicherry

Temple Reef was built in 2013 from metal structures, scooters, concrete blocks, and other similar materials. About 100 species of marine creatures dwell here: from shrimps to groupers, eels and lionfish.
Aravind's Wall is several kilometres long, and includes around 30 dive sites. It is suitable for drift diving, and watching giant oceanic manta rays and whale sharks.