Playas Del Coco's Scuba Diving

Playas del Coco is a small town in the north coast of Costa Rica just 30 km to the west of Liberia and is washed by the Pacific Ocean. Palms surround the coastal area, and in some places, there are rocky bays. But the main attractions are hidden in depth. Scuba divers will find underwater landscapes with volcanic tops, rock formations and caves covered with colourful corals. Warm clear waters of the Pacific Ocean with good visibility (up to 25 m) makes watching underwater flora and fauna enjoyable. The town is famous as a habitat of bull sharks and white sharks. Playas del Coco is also an excellent place for snorkelling.

Getting There

The nearest international airport in Liberia is located 27 km from Playas Del Coco. If there is no transfer to your hotel, you can take a taxi, wait for a bus or rent a car. A bus travel time would be 2 hours 56 minutes, a journey by taxi takes 35 minutes.

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Diving here is available all year round, but the best time is spring — from the end of February to the middle of May. The air temperature stays at +34 ˚С, and the water temperature is +25-27˚C. June brings rains which last till October. Hurricanes are possible during the wet season. The visibility varies from 20 to 35 m, depending on the amount of plankton. You can never predict the visibility before you dive.

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