Peleliu's Scuba Diving

Peleliu is a small coral island with an area of about 18 sq. km, and belongs to the state of Palau. It is located where two reefs meet, to the south-west of Koror, making the currents very strong, the depths unbelievable, and the marine life very vibrant.
In as much as there were violent battles in 1943-1944, there are no significant objects for wreck diving here. There are chances that they have not been discovered yet, making the place the best for those who are interested in history and underwater geology.
In spite of the fact that there are no wrecks, there are more things to look at. The colourful reefs are a place for an unending fight for survival. Ferocious predators chase the fish, and the strong current threatens to drag any scuba diver that is not keen enough into the open sea. If you enjoy reefs, corals, drift diving, and would like an opportunity to look into the abyss or find a new wreck, Peleliu is waiting for you!

Getting There

You can reach Peleliu from Koror International Airport, by a public ferry that takes 2.5 hours, or you can book a transfer on a speed boat that takes about 1 hour. It is important to note that water transport between the islands departs only in the daytime.


Peleliu has a tropical climate which makes it possible to dive all year round. However, the heaviest rains occur in June and July causing strong oceanic currents, which makes diving risky. During this time, the weather significantly becomes worse, and the visibility is lower. The air temperature is between +26 °C and +30°C, and the water temperature is between +26 ° and +27 °C.

Dive Spots near Peleliu

Peleliu Wall is situated on the South Reef. It is covered with sea anemones and sea whip gorgonians. Here, you get to see reef and white sharks, marine turtles, and even snakes.
The Orange Beach is rich with stony corals and sea inhabitants such as nudibranch molluscs, turtles and tropical fish. Under the water, there are many wartime artifacts, such as bullets, bombs, wreckage of a sunken landing craft carrier.