Panglao's Scuba Diving

Panglao is an island located in the south of the Philippines. From one side, it is washed by the Bohol Sea, and from the other — by Cebu (Spanish: Cebú) Bay. The diversity of underwater life near the island will catch your imagination. There are 2500 species of just molluscs here. The underwater landscapes also bring joy with their beauty. There are sandy boulders, coral gardens, caverns and many other attractions.
Diving depth may reach 50 meters, which allows for technical diving. In some sites, there are strong currents that fans of drift diving will enjoy. Those who like dives along walls also will find something to do. Here, for example, they can explore reefs of the island, some of which are house reefs.

Getting There

You can get from Manila to Panglao in two ways. The first one is to fly to Bohol island (Tagbilaran Airport), and then to take a taxi and go to the destination point. The other way is to fly to Cebu Island. You need to use a ferry to get from Cebu to Bohol, and then you need to go the rest of the way by whatever means.

Dive Shops in


The weather in Panglao is hot. The average annual air temperature is +28 °C. From August to October, the island is under the influence of southwestern monsoons. It is impossible to predict what they will bring: draught or rains. The water temperature doesn't go below +26 °C. Underwater visibility may reach 30 meters, but the waves lower it to 5 meters.

Dive Spots near Panglao

The Arco Point dive site with a calm current is perfect to get to know drift diving. You will swim above the reefs and coral together with groupers, Labrus, triggerfish, butterflyfish, and striped sea snakes.
The BBC is rich with molluscs, shrimp, dwarf seahorses and many other small inhabitants. It will provide many beautiful pictures for those who love macro photography.