Moorea's Scuba Diving

Moorea is an island in French Polynesia. Shaped like a triangle, Moorea is surrounded by several small islands called "motu", with 12 channels. There are three bays and an extinct volcano on Moorea.
The island provides a wide range of marine entertainment: diving; snorkelling; shark feeding; and whale and turtle watching. You can even renew your wedding vows during a romantic dive!
Scuba divers are drawn here by the unforgettable underwater volcanic landscapes, which are considered to be amongst the best due to their diverse flora and underwater rocks. Don't forget to take a camera with you underwater as the wonderful world under the sea with its fantastic landscapes, coral rose garden and colourful dwellers are worth photographing!

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The island has a tropical climate, which is milden by sea breezes. The weather is humid — especially from November to May. January is the rainiest month. Winter is the wet season. The air temperature is from +29 to +31 °C all year round; the average annual water temperature is between +27 and +28 °C.

Dive Spots near Moorea

Corals and reefs make up the main dive spots of Moorea. Coral Roses is a popular dive site 45 meters deep. During the dive, you will be accompanied by tropical fish; and at the bottom you will find rose-shaped coral formations and colourful Nudibranchs.
Rotui is an outer reef surrounded by millions of fry fish. It is a habitat for sharks, such as blacktip reef sharks, lemon sharks, large nurse sharks, and manta rays.