Milford Sound's Scuba Diving

Milford Sound is situated on the southwestern coast of the South Island in New Zealand. It appeared due to a glacier which had been here thousands of years ago. Milford is a gigantic fiord and one of the world's best tourist destinations. Surrounded by 1200-m high sheer cliffs, it goes 15-km deep into the continent from the Tasman Sea. This zone is a part of the Fiordland national park.
Each and every diver dreams to dive in this bay. In Milford, you can dive in fiords, explore the walls and slopes, dive to the wrecks, enjoy the fantastic algae and coral landscapes and also, swim with fish. The crystal-clear waters are home to hundreds of sea creatures including fur seals and sharks.

Getting There

You can reach Milford Bay by renting a car or taking a tour from Queenstown. There is an international airport which has incoming flights from many countries. If you want to have a long stay at the bay, we recommend the small town of Te Anau.


Milford has a mild climate with hot summers and humid winters. People dive all year round, but a wetsuit is required. From December to March, the water temperature is +20 °C. From June to August, it goes down to +13 °C. The visibility is between 10 and 40 metres, some spots have heavy currents.

Dive into
Milford Sound