Manila's Scuba Diving

Manila is the capital of the Philippines, located on Luzon Island, the biggest island on the archipelago. It is a megapolis which includes nearby towns and settlements. It is washed by the Manila Bay and the South China Sea, which attract divers from all over the world with VIP-diving.
The waters of Manila have become a final resting place for sea crafts of various ages and countries. Underwater caves, grottos, tunnels and walls hide their secrets. Interesting creatures live there: small fish, molluscs and mammals. This diversity is reachable for anyone ready to explore the depths of the sea. If you go to Manila for diving, you will enjoy not only rich flora and fauna, but you also will be to touch world history.

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The climate in the region is sub-equatorial. The dry and wet periods interchange. The best place for rest in Manila is the dry season, which begins in the middle of December and lasts till May. After that, it starts raining, it gets hot and humid, and therefore, diving becomes complicated by weather conditions till November. The average annual air temperature fluctuates between +26-29 °C

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