Manatuto's Scuba Diving

Manatuto is a sparsely inhabited town in East Timor, located on the north of the island. It is washed by the Timor Sea and the Wetar Strait. You will see mangrove trees, steep rocks and snow-white beaches here. The island is very popular with divers due to its secluded nature and rich underwater wildlife. People actively scuba dive and snorkel here. The underwater landscape is made up of picturesque coral reefs, walls and rocks. You will see lots of fish. Thanks to its clear waters, visibility here is ideal — even at great depths. Extreme night dives are performed in the region. Diving in Manatuto will give you a fantastic experience.

Getting There

Manatuto is located 50 km from Dili International Airport. You can take a taxi or buy a bus ticket at the airport. The trip will take 30-40 minutes.

Dive Shops in


The climate in Manatuto is suitable for year-round diving, except for the rainy season (December to May). The most comfortable period for diving is from April to November, when the average air temperature is +25-28 °C, and the water warms up to +23-26 °C. The driest month is September and the rainiest is January.

Dive Spots near Manatuto

Rocks, reefs, and walls are the main dive spots of Manatuto. There are famous sites for diving and snorkeling along the northern coast: Bob's Rock; Black Rock; K41 — with a depth of 10-40 meters; Behau Village; K57; The Wall; and One Tree.