Mabul Island's Scuba Diving

Mabul is an island in the Sulawesi Sea. The island is a part of Sabah, Malaysia. It is located on the border of Malaysia and Indonesia. Due to rich tropical flora and clear water, the island was one of the best resorts in Malaysia in the 1970s.
Fantastic coral reefs attract divers from all over the world. The region offers about 2 km3 of a reef and more than 10 dive sites. Mabul has been long known as a paradise for macro drivers. This location is vibrant with exotic sea animals. There is an abandoned oil platform reconstructed for dives in the waters of the island.
Divers who come to neighbouring Sipadan, settle in Mabul as it is prohibited to stay at Sipadan.

Getting There

You can come to the island via Kuala Lumpur the following way: first you would have to fly to Sabah airport, located in Kota Kinabalu. The flight will take 2.5 hours. Then you will need a Transfer to Tawau. Your journey will take 45 minutes. It will take 40 minutes to get from Tawau to the port of Semporna by taxi, and then you can sail to Mabul by a speedboat. It will take 1 more hour.

Dive Shops in


The best time to dive in Mabul is from March to October. Although you can dive here all year round, the visibility is better during the dry season. There are heavy rains on the island from December to February, though the weather does not make it impossible to dive. The air temperature varies between +26 and +29 °C, and the water temperature is about +27-29 °С. There are weak currents on the dive sites.

Dive Spots near Mabul Island

Sea oil platform (Seaventure), turned into an artificial reef, makes it possible to dive among piles of metal cores.
Froggie's Lair is a reef with a sandy bottom, going down to a depth of 14 m. It is a real "boiling" pot teeming with marine life. You can see smooth lumpfish, black scorpionfish, crocodile fish, and hundreds of other species of fish and molluscs.