Lunenburg's Scuba Diving

Lunenburg is a city in the eastern province of Canada. Lunenburg became a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a perfectly preserved example of a North American colonial settlement in 1995. British settlers chased Native Americans away and founded the city in 1753. Lunenburg has a unique charm that is attractive for tourists thanks to the many wooden buildings and stone pavements.
As for diving, the local flora and fauna attract marine biologists from all over the world who come to explore, and the clear water is perfect for taking excellent photos. You can visit several interesting wrecks in the Lunenburg region, accompanied by friendly seals. This place is interesting for tec divers too: you can go over 50 m deep to a sunken submarine.

Getting There

Halifax has the nearest international airport to Lunenburg. The distance between them is 103 km. A bus will take you 1 hour 20 minutes, while a taxi or car will take 1 hour 10 minutes.

Dive Shops in


The climate in Lunenburg is continental. The average air temperature is –5 °C in winter and +25 °C in summer. The diving season is short, going from June to September. The water warms up to +16 °C, in summer but it can drop to +9 °C when the current is strong. You will need a 7.5 mm neoprene wetsuit or a drysuit to dive here.

Dive Spots near Lunenburg

The most popular wreck of Lunenburg is Saguenay. It is a Canadian torpedo boat destroyer which sunk in 1994. It now lies at the sandy bottom at a depth 27 m and is fully accessible for exploration. Through the hatchway, divers can get inside to the deck-bridge and other rooms.
Seal Rock got its name thanks to the huge amount of earless seals that you will encounter here. If you seat on the bottom and move your flippers, pups will begin to play with them.