Little Cayman's Scuba Diving

Little Cayman is the smallest of the three islands that form the Cayman Islands. It is located in the Caribbean Sea and despite its modest size (16 km long and 1.6 km wide), it is a magnet for divers from all over the world. The island has a small population and it is fringed with clean secluded beaches. Thanks to several environmental programs the local nature was preserved in its original form. Dive sites at Little Cayman consist of vertical walls, beautiful coral reefs, tunnels, cracks and cliffs. The best dive sites are found along the Bloody Bay Wall which is a spectacular vertical wall with pristine corals and Jackson’s Bay where you can see an abundance of wild underwater animals.

Getting There

Little Cayman is just 130 km away from the international airport of Grand Cayman. The Small Cayman has its domestic airport. So, the easiest way to get here by plane.


The climate of the Little Cayman allows you to dive all year round, except for the rainy season in January. The best months to visit are from May to November when daytime temperatures averages at +29-31 °C and water temperature reaches +28-30 °C. The driest month is March when the air temperature doesn't exceed +27 °C.

Dive Spots near Little Cayman

The best place for diving in Little Cayman is Bloody Bay with an abundance of marine life and excellent visibility. Another area to explore is Jackson’s Bay which offers a slightly different seascape with chutes, tunnels and crevices to explore. Fathom wall with a gentle slope is also worth visiting. There are more fish than on other dive sites.