Larnaca's Scuba Diving

Larnaca is one of the largest cities in Cyprus, that has many historical and cultural values. It is located on the South-East coast of the Mediterranean sea / Fabulous city dates back to the 9th century BC. In ancient times, it was part of the Empire of Alexander the Great and was a famous seaport, and today it serves as a Harbor for yachts.
Larnaca is ideal for outdoor activities, diving, snorkelling and underwater photography. Some dive sites are accessible directly from the shore; others can be quickly reached by boat. Warm, clean waters provide excellent visibility, so you will fully explore the abundant marine life of these places. Experienced divers can enjoy the views of sunken ships, swim with dolphins and turtles.

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Larnaca is located in a subtropical climate and offers 300 sunny days a year. The diving season does not end, but the best time for diving is from May to October. Summer here is long and hot, with an average annual temperature of +30 °C, and water- + 27-28 °C. Visibility is 30 m.

Dive Spots near Larnaca

MS Zenobia was the cargo ferry and is in the top of 10 best wrecks in the world. The ferry sank at the start of the very first voyage (in 1980), due to a roll; it lost buoyancy, so it has no damage. After inspecting the ship from the outside, divers can explore the 2 inner decks, engine room, trucks that were carried by ferry but were thrown in the crash. Wreck length reaches 178 m. Its depth reaches 42 m. The upper part is situated on 16-18 m.