Kume Island's Scuba Diving

Kume Island is part of Okinawa Prefecture in Japan in the East China Sea. It's of volcanic origin, which is expressed in weirdly shaped rock formations. Due to its natural beauty, the island and its coastal area are included in a national reserve.
The local feature is dark blue water. The underwater landscapes are mainly comprised of reefs of different shapes and sizes, and caves. Divers will enjoy a great number of pelagic dwellers. Such variety is a result of the Kuroshio current found nearby. There are also large creatures, such as manta rays, hammerhead sharks, and whale sharks. If you want to see them, check the calendar before a trip.

Getting There

Flights from Naha arrive at the airport on Kume. The flight takes 30 minutes. You can get there by sea — there is ferry service between Naha and Kume (Port Kanegusuku). The trip takes 4 hour. In summer (from July 17 to August 31) you can fly to the island from Tokyo International Airport.


The climate on Kume is subtropical. The warm Kuroshio current allows you to dive all year round. The average water temperature is +20 °C, the air temperature is +22 °C. Winter is short here and summer is long and hot. The wet season starts in May and ends in the middle of June. There are occasional typhoons lasting two days from August to September.

Dive Spots near Kume Island

Locations near Kume Island are suitable for both beginners and divers with advanced certificates. Shichugama Cave attracts divers with its mysterious atmosphere created by the play of light reaching through holes in the ceiling.
The Imazuni dive site is the best place to see large sea dwellers: sharks, barracudas, and caranx.