Korcula Island's Scuba Diving

Korcula is a Croatian island located in the Adriatic Sea. Tourists are offered not only historical landmarks, but an exciting diving experience as the greatest beauties of the island is hidden underwater.
The waters of Korcula are the place of the most significant battles of antiquity. Thanks to good visibility you can enjoy the stunning underwater landscape shaped by carstic formations. You will explore caves and tunnels; rocks adorned with coral reefs. You can take different macro photos here. With a visibility level around 40 meters, even an inexperienced diver can observe the diverse marine life. Here, you will see octopuses, eels, lobsters, black scorpionfish, rockfish, and large shoals of colourful fish.

Getting There

There is a ferry transfer from Korcula to the continent. The ferry leaves from Orebic (Croat. Orebić), located on the Peljesac peninsula. The nearest international airport is in Split. From Split, you can take a ferry to the western part of Korcula — Vela Luka city.

Dive Shops in


The climate in Korcula is the mild Mediterranean. Autumns and winters have the highest level of precipitation, while December is the wettest month. The best time to dive here is from late April to October. During that period, the air temperature stays at +27 ˚С, and the water warms up to +26 ˚C. Visibility differs depending on a dive site: from 10 to 40 meters. Currents are usually slow.

Dive Spots near Korcula Island

Fortunal wreck is an old fishing boat on the bottom of a vertical wall going from 30 to 55 meters down. 40 meters deep, there is a cave with a pebble bottom.
Te Vega dive site is situated to the southwest of Korcula Island. Through an underwater tunnel, you can reach a small, 5-m deep lake. Its bottom is covered with algae which became home to gobies and parrotfish.