Koh Tang's Scuba Diving

Koh Tang is the largest island in Cambodia. Washed by the waters of the Gulf of Thailand the island is practically uninhabited, except for a military base located in its territory. Characteristic of Koh Tang rich vegetation and snow-white beaches create an impressively inspiring landscape. Thanks to the remoteness from the mainland and natural marine life, this destination is popular among divers. While taking in the underwater scenery, you will spot coral reefs, caves and walls. There are many fantastic dive sites, the majority of which preserved their virgin beauty. Divers consider Koh Tang the best place for diving in Cambodia. The region is famous for the diversity corals and marine species and excellent underwater visibility. Here, divers practise night diving to observe octopuses, cuttlefish and Crustaceans scuttling away in the light of flashlights.

Getting There

Koh Tang is a few kilometres away from Sihanoukville and the island of Koh Rong Samloem. You can reach Sihanoukville from Phnom Penh by bus, taxi or tuk-tuk (a popular in Thailand rickshaw with a small engine fitted in). Then, rent a boat or a speedboat in Sihanoukville to get to Koh Tang. You can also book a night tour here.


The climate on Koh Tang is suitable for diving all year-round; except for during the rainy season which usually lasts from June to October. The best time to come to the island is from November to February, when the air and water temperatures reach +30-32 °С and +27-29 °С, accordingly. The driest months are March, April and May.

Dive Spots near Koh Tang

Reefs and caves are the main dive spots in Koh Tang. The island offers many interesting diving spots. The most popular of them are Explosion Reefs furnished with staghorn corals, Three Bears with its caves, Giraffe Lookout inhabited by various Nudibranchs, as well as Atlantis, Stingray Alley and Fly By with strong currents. Beady-Eye Bay is perfect for night diving.