Kemer's Scuba Diving

Kemer is a port resort town in Turkey, which is washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Lavish nature with a significant number of snow white beaches and mountainous sceneries is characteristic for this location. It is one of the most developed tourist destinations in the country. The town is especially popular with amateurs of scuba and wreck diving. Perfect conditions for diving available here are no waves nor strong currents. The underwater landscape presents a sandy bottom and caves. The seafloor hides several sunken ships, inhabited by various species of fish. Due to the clear waters, the visibility here is perfect, even at a great depth. All dives are done mainly off yachts. Diving in Kemer will create lasting emotions that will stay with you for years to come.

Getting There

Kemer is located 50 km from Antalya International Airport. You can reach the town from the airport by taxi, bus, or rented car. The trip will take about 40 minutes.

Dive Shops in


The climate in Kemer is favourable for all year round diving, except for cold and rainy winter months. The most comfortable period for diving is from May to September when the average air temperature is +23-32 °С, and the water warms up to +21-29 °С. The sea is the warmest in August.

Dive Spots near Kemer

Bays, caves and wrecks are the main dive spots of Kemer. The most popular among them is the cave in the Kirish Bay, the Aquarium Bays, and the Lighthouse. The main wrecks are the Pati, a Georgian ship which lies at a depth of 5 to 12 m, and the Paris, a vessel lying at a depth of 20 to 30 m.