Kea Island's Scuba Diving

Kea Island is part of the Cyclades Archipelago (Greek: Κυκλάδες) located in the Aegean Sea. Mild Mediterranean climate makes it a perfect place for recreation all year round.
The waters near the island are famous for great visibility, rich in fauna and numerous world-known submerged objects. Each dive will give you vivid impressions. There are so many opportunities ranging from watching unique sea dwellers to searching for ancient artefacts. In local waters, divers can take a wall dive and explore the twin of Titanic — an ocean liner Britannic. The famous Koundouros Reef, located on the southwestern part of the island, is one of the best dive sites in Greece.

Getting There

The best way to get to Kea Island is by ferry from Lavrio Port. The trip will take about 1 hour. From Athens (Greece), where the international airport is located, Lavrio is connected by a bus service. The trip last for 1 hour 45 minutes. It takes 50 minutes to journey by car or taxi.


Warm Mediterranean climate allows you to dive at the coast of Kea all year round. However, the best time for diving is from April to November, when the air temperature is between +21 and +26 °C, and the water temperature is from +20 to +26 °C. The currents are slow, and visibility is usually over 30 meters. The average temperature in winter is +16 °C.

Dive Spots near Kea Island

Koundouros Reef is situated on the south of the island. Divers can go drift diving here, explore the wall and vibrant sea life, or examine Patrice Wreck — a ship which sank in 1868.
Spanopoula Rock with a unique underwater tunnel is found on the north of the island 60 m offshore. The maximum diving depth is 40 m. You will get into the open sea with tuna, swordfish and sharks.