Kaş's Scuba Diving

Kas is a Turkish port town washed by the Mediterranean Sea in Antalya Province. It is an extraordinarily picturesque place with mountains and lush nature. Kas is considered one of the best diving locations in Turkey. People are actively engaged in scuba diving, wreck diving, and snorkelling. The underwater landscape includes rocks, caves, tunnels and canyons. Shipwrecks and a sunken plane, inhabited by various sea creatures, are found on the sea bottom. Due to the clear waters, there is good visibility, even at a great depth. You can find archaeological artefacts on the seafloor, such as amphoras or ceramic ware. This place provides extraordinary diving opportunities with a variety of alluring dive sites.

Getting There

Kas is 143 and 187 km away from the International Airports of Dalaman and Antalya respectively. From there you can reach Kas by bus, taxi or a rented car. The trip takes approximately 2.5-3 hours.

Dive Shops in Kas


The climate in Kas is suitable for diving all year round, except for the chilly rainy months (December to February). The most comfortable time for visiting is from March to November when the air temperature is between +18 and + 32 °С, and water temperature is in the range of +17-28 °С. The water temperature, from July to September, is in its most pleasant temperatures: +24-28 °С.

Dive Spots near Kaş

Reefs, canyons, caves and wrecks are the main diving spots of Kas. The popular sites are DC-3 Duglas plane wreck, Canyon and Dimitri cargo ship, lying 30 m deep. The tunnel, Big Cave, Neptun and Flying Fish reefs, Camel Reef, Cave 2 and Likya shipwreck are especially interesting.