Honiara's Scuba Diving

Honiara is the capital and the main harbour of Solomon Islands. Also, it is the administrative centre of Guadalcanal Province, located on the northern coast of the same-named island washed by the Pacific Ocean. The region attracts divers with a variety of sunken ships and aircraft of World War II. One of the most famous wrecks is Bonegi, a giant Japanese cargo ship, also known as Hirokawa Maru. Its weight reaches 6860 tons and length exceeds 150 m. Diving depth reaches 55 meters. This giant lies just 12 km away from Honiara.


The city is located in a sub-equatorial climate zone. The area has a characteristic seasonal pattern: dry with south-eastern trade winds (April to November) and humid with north-western monsoons (January to April). The average air temperature is +25 °C all year round, and the water warms up to +29-30 °C.

Dive Spots near Honiara

Another popular dive site is a Japanese cargo ship Kinugawa Maru, which partially rises above the water surface. It is more than 130 meters in length. U.S.S. John Penn is a US military transport ship that lies at the depths from 36 to 55 m.