Herradura's Scuba Diving

Herradura is a small resort town in Costa Rica located in the gulf area waters of the same name in the Pacific region. The coast and the seabed have formed under the influence of volcanic activity, that's why they surprise visitors with their bizarre landscapes with underwater rocks, rocky bays and crevices.
Diving in Herradura offers many unique opportunities. Dive spots are just 10 minutes away by boat. Here you can dive to caves, arches, and plantations of soft and stony coral as well as inspect the reefs, which reach a depth of 40-50 meters. You will be able to swim in the underwater labyrinth together with small fish, and moray eels hunting them.

Getting There

You can get to Herradura by plane departing from San Juan International Airport. Another option is to take a taxi, transfer or bus. Your trip will take about 2 hours.


In Herradura, the climate is sub-equatorial. The dry season with air temperature of +26-28 °C and water temperature of +24 °C lasts from December to March. Summer is characterized by high humidity when there are heavy, but short rains that intensify in autumn. The air warms up to + 32 °C in summer.

Dive Spots near Herradura

Garden was named after the soft coral that forms kinds of flower beds here. There is an underwater archway in the dive spot through which stingrays and silvertip reef sharks move.
Pesebre is famous for its fast currents that allow you to watch how different predatory fish such as moray eels and barracudas hunt for their small relatives during the drift.