Ha'apai's Scuba Diving

Ha'apai is an archipelago in the Pacific Region. It includes 62 islands and belongs to the Kingdom of Tonga. The islands are divided into the Eastern and Western groups. The Eastern islands are part of a barrier chain that spreads from the north to the south, and the Western group is detached.
The archipelago is essentially 4,000 sq. miles of shallow lagoons and passages with strong currents, coral beaches and atolls, active volcanoes and volcanic landforms, as well as barrier reefs. All this offers a variety of diving conditions. Deep down, scuba divers will find unique landscapes, coral gardens and thousands of marine creatures, such as coral reef fish and giant molluscs. The most popular diving activity is swimming with humpback whales that chose this region for breeding.


The tropical climate of Ha'apai means warm and dry weather throughout the majority of the year. Diving at the archipelago is available all year round, and you can catch a good day even during the rainy seasons. The water temperature is +25 ˚C in winter, and +30 °C in summer; the air warms up to +22-30 ˚C.

Dive Spots near Ha'apai

Eden Rock is a reef with a succession of caves and canyons. It promises the unforgettable experience of meeting large representatives of fauna: barracudas, reef sharks, sea turtles and sea basses.
Arch of Ofalanga was formed during the Ice Age. Its width is 20 meters, and the length is 15 meters. The dome is covered with corals, and giant lobsters cling to them with their legs.