Guanacaste's Scuba Diving

Guanacaste is a province of Costa Rica located in the northwestern region of the country. The Pacific Ocean washes it. Liberia is the capital. Stunningly beautiful beaches of Guanacaste are hundreds of kilometres long; Tamarindo is the most popular one among divers. Papagayo Bay in the northwest of the province also offers excellent diving opportunities. Rocky reefs, labyrinths of caves, stony and soft corals, a vast diversity of fish, and fantastic underwater landscapes attract those who love diving. Coastal waters are home to giant oceanic manta rays. Here, you will also see turtles and sharks off different types.

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Guanacaste has a mild tropical climate. From November to April, it is hot with brief periods of rainfall. The downpour season lasts from May to October. There are no drastic drops of temperature throughout the year. The average air temperature is +22-25 °C. The water warms up to +20-26 °C.

Dive Spots near Guanacaste

Cabeza de Mono is an interesting dive site. It is a small rock protruding from the ocean and going 12 meters deep. Manta rays can be encountered here.
Meros is another great dive spot. You will see numerous sea slugs and gigantic groupers. You will be able to explore a sunken sailing-ship at a depth of 18 meters.