Guadalupe Island's Scuba Diving

Guadalupe Island is a volcanic island and a part of the Mexican state of Baja California (Spanish: Baja California). It is located in the Pacific Ocean. Great white sharks come here from July until December, so cage diving has become especially popular here. Divers are offered special tours called "Great White Shark Diving". During the dive a cage with a diver inside is submerged not too deep in a place full of these sharp-toothed creatures. It is a great chance to take impressive photos for those who likes underwater photography. You know that being so close to a shark and taking a photo of it is a rare opportunity.

Getting There

There is an airport in the center of the island, domestic flights depart from there several times a week. You can also reach Guadalupe by yacht setting off from Ensenada. There is an airport in this town, but only private planes may land there. So it is better to use nearby airports, for example, in San Diego.


Guadalupe Island is divided into 2 climate zones: lower (at an altitude below 800 meters) and upper (above 800 meters). The former region features dry weather with average annual air temperature of +20 ˚С, while the latter is characterized by moderate climate, when the air temperature is above +22 ˚С. The water warms up to +20 ˚С. Divers are recommended to come here from July to December.

Dive into
Guadalupe Island