Great Barrier Reef's Scuba Diving

Great Barrier Reef stretches out in the Pacific Ocean near the northeast shore of Australia. It consists of 2900 reefs, 600 islands and 300 coral bays. This is the world's largest structure with a total area of 344 400 sq. km., and the only object made of living organisms that can be seen from space.
Diving fans from all around the world come to the reef via diving cruises or one-day charters. Divers love this place for its biodiversity, and indigenous people believe that the reef is sacred. Here, you will explore coral gardens and reefs with caves, caverns and tunnels, and will meet rays, sharks, whales, eels and thousands of other sea dwellers. Fans of drift and wreck diving will also have fun here.

Getting There

The nearest cities, from where you can take a short one-day trip to the reef, are Cairns and Port Douglas. There, you can also sign up for a 3-7 days-long diving safari. Cairns international airport accepts flights from many countries.


Great Barrier Reef is located in a warm tropical climate zone. The average air temperatures in summer and winter are 30 °C and 20 °C accordingly. Diving is available all year round, and every season can offer something interesting. For instance, the period from December to February is characterised by good underwater visibility, and comfortable water temperature, June to November is the time of coral spawning.

Dive Spots near Great Barrier Reef

The reef offers many interesting diving spots. One of the best places is Yongala Wreck, located 12 nautical miles east of Bowling Green Bay. A 110 meters-long vessel, covered with corals and inhabited by octopuses, turtles and barracudas, lies here on the depth of 30 meters. Getting inside the ship is strictly prohibited, but many exciting places outside are available for exploration.

Dive into
Great Barrier Reef