Gozo Island's Scuba Diving

Gozo Island is one of the largest and the most popular diving destinations of Malta. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and Tunisia the Crystal clear waters near Gozo allow exploring caves, rock formations, tunnels, shipwrecks, reefs and bays. This region boasts a lot of dive sites near the shore. The Blue Hole and double arches in the north coast of Gozo have a breathtaking rocky relief covered with bright corals and sponges. Coastal waters are full of fish. There are cardinal tetra, large rockfish, Mugil, manta rays, and octopuses.

Getting There

The nearest international airport is located in Valletta on Malta. There is a ferry transfer from Gozo to Malta. The trip from Cirkewwa Port starts every 30-40 minutes and lasts about half an hour. You can also rent a seaplane.

Dive Shops in


Gozo has a Mediterranean subtropical climate. It is warm all year round. However, the best time for diving is summer and autumn, because of heavy rains and stormy sea in winter and early spring. Dive sites may be hardly available during this period. The water temperature varies from +16 °C in January to +26 °C in August.

Dive Spots near Gozo Island

The Blue Hole was called the best dive site in Europe by Jacques-Yves Cousteau. If you dive down this large tube 16 or 50 m deep, you will enter the open sea. Barracudas, lobsters and numerous small sea creatures are found here.
The Inland Sea is a place for cave diving in deep caves with crystal clear water. Tuna and other large fishes live here.