Forillon National Park's Scuba Diving

Forillon National Park is located in the Eastern Province of Quebec, Canada. It is located on the edge of the Gaspé Peninsula and covers an area of 24 sq. km. The park was created in 1970 and became the first national park in Quebec. Divers are attracted here by underwater rocks, the rare species of fish (red trout and yellow rockfish), and the northern coral reefs.
It's nice and interesting to swim with dolphins and turtles in warm water, but northern waters also have something to offer tourists. On the coasts of the Gulf, there are colonies of earless seals. Not only do divers have the opportunity to discover how they live in their natural habitat, but to also swim with them. When coming to the surface for a short rest, you can observe colonies of sea birds nesting in coastal rocks and hunting fish.

Getting There

Forillon National Park is located 770 km from Quebec International Airport. You can reach the park in a rented car or by bus.


The climate in the region is mild, without any severe frost in winter or unbearable heat in summer. It often rains heavily there, and in winter it snows. On the warmest of days, the temperature rarely exceeds +25 °C. In summer, between 2 and 6pm there are strong sea breezes (25-30km/h). It's possible to dive in the marine park from June till the middle of September.

Dive Spots near Forillon National Park

On the shores of Forillon, there are colonies of grey earless seals. Seeing them is the main attraction for divers. These are trusting and curious marine animals. You can play with them and swim together in the cold water, as well as feed them fish or squid.

Dive into
Forillon National Park