Flores's Scuba Diving

Flores is an Indonesian volcanic island and one of the Lesser Sunda Islands (Indonesian: Kepalauan Nusa Tenggara), washed by the waters of the Pacific and the Indian Oceans. Fantastic virgin nature with two active volcanoes are the main features of this island. Flores is one of the best places for diving in Indonesia. The underwater landscape is represented by the reefs, walls, and boulders, which have become a home for various sea inhabitants. In the western part of the island is located a legendary Komodo National Park with fast and strong currents. Giant oceanic manta rays could often be seen there. In Maumere, you will see steep reefs, walls, and boulders which are full of unique marine creatures.

Getting There

There are several ways to get to Flores Island. A small airport in the western part of the island operates domestic flights from Jakarta and Bali. You can hire a speedboat or take a ferry. The ferry service runs between the islands. Booking a diving safari is a more convenient way to get Flores Island.


The dry sub-equatorial climate of Flores favours year-round diving. The best time for diving, however, is from April to November when the air temperature is between + 26-30 °C, and the water warms up to +26-29 °C. The highest number of rains occurs mainly between December and March. The maximum number of rainy days per month is five.

Dive Spots near Flores

Coral reefs, walls and wrecks are the main dive spots of Flores. Popular dive sites are located in the Кomodo National Park: stone island Batu Bolong with steep walls, Tatawa Besar, Siaba Kecil, and Besar with large coral reefs. The most popular wreck is the Wodong, located at the depth of 12 to 32 m. One of the best places is Sebayur Kecil with underwater boulders.